Items Needed Edit

1. 1 x Sewing needle, any thickness or length will work fine

2. 1 x Thread, cotton or wool. Pick a colour you like if you're conscious about style.

3. 1 x Patience

Guide Edit

Step 1: Wait for a moth to fly into room.

Step 2: By any method, capture it alive. For this I use a dirty shirt and throw it at the moth to neutralize its flying capabilities.

Step 3: Carefully thread your cotton through the needle, doubling back for strength in the thread.

Step 4: Puncture the moth's abdomen, and then thread the needle through it.

Step 5: Repeat and collect moths as time goes by.

Step 6: When the thread is full, tie and wear.

There you have it! Your very own moth bracelet.  

Helpful Tips Edit

Don't let the moth die before threading, this causes them to fall apart.

Moths cannot fly if you rub all the dust off their wings, use this to your advantage while catching them.