Ilexa (formerly known as: Lady Tinder) is a member of the Runescape friends chat: "grindanfc"


Ilexa joined the FC over 3 years ago and she quickly became the most loved member and was dubbed formal queen of RSG, Ilexa's true gender has been a mystery for a period of type before the grindanfc memer: "muhxp" confirmed that she was indeed a grill.

Qualities of Ilexa:

1. grill

2. the best outfits in Gielinor.

3. eternal queen of RSG

Relationship with other memers:

Windalgo: Ilexa is frequently at odds with Windalgo but some rumors have suggested that they have a behind the scenes relationship. Windalgo confirmed on Apri 4, 2015 that they are in a relationship.
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 Muh xp: The relationship between Muh xp and Ilexa is a peculiar one, some days they appear to agree with each other and bully 

Windalgo AKA "cuckdalgo" and other days they might be found in the act of calling each other shitters.

Muh xp has been know to frequently say the phrase: ">tfw no lady tinder gf" this might be a hint towards a relationship (this has not been confirmed)

Windalgo and Lady Tinder

Karu: Ilexa and Karu come across as really good friends; It's rumoured he knows Ilexa's name, nationality and even has lewd pictures of her.

The fact that he has lewd pictures if often discussed in the FC, thought he's very reluctant to share.

(all previous reports have been proven false)

Nickblaziken: Dank.

Tomomo: Considered a traitor by Ilexa for leaving RSG. Ilexa hates Tomomo because of this and other reasons involving a certain boss pet.


Lady Tinder and The Mysterious Gamer romantically fishing together.

Mysterious Gamer: As investigation continues into Ilexa's relationship status it has been uncovered that she is currently in a committed relationship with a Mysterious Gamer that dresses primarily in orange and white. This juggernaut seems to have stolen her heart completely and Ilexa has been reported to be spending copious amounts of time with him. As pictured on the right, take note of the Mysterious Gamer's blurred face and strikingly familiar and dashing outfit.

(all former reports have been proven false)

Daniel "The wolf" Ghost: Ilexa and Dghost have proven to be good friends, talking together even tho Ilexa has been seen to dislike furries, she still takes on the role to guide this young trap.

Lady tinder's achievements:

1.99 prayer

2.10 year shitter cape

3.99 range

4.99 defence

5.99 constitution

6.99 slayer

7.99 summoning

8.99 herblore

9.99 dungeoneering

10.99 magic

11.99 mining

12.99 cooking

13.99 agility

14.99 thieving

15.99 firemaking

16.99 farming

17.99 attack

18.99 strength

19.99 crafting

20.99 construction


Of this, several things are known:

-Western European

-Not Portuguese or Spanish

-English is not her first language (so probably not English)  
The investigation continues.

 She's Belgian. 


Ilexa's beliefs

Ilexa is a loyal Saradomin follower and calls followers of other gods the following:

Zamorak: Edgy

Bandos: Stupid

Armadyl: Furry

Zaros: Edgelord

Seren: SJW

Brassica Prime: Cabbage