Slayah Edit

1. git mune to buy gwd gear or better

2. git slayar task

3. kill shit

4. pick up shit

5. sell shit you picked up

6. repeat steps 2-5 indefinitely

7. dosh

Jew Enabling Edit



1. Get mom's credit card

2. Use it to buy a metric fuckton of bonds from here:

3. Sell on GE

4. u rich now

5. Get spanked when mom's monthly credit card report comes (to pull off a big heist ya gotta take a small hit yo)

Spooder Hunting (2-bil hour) Edit

1. Buy good shit to wear on the GE(I'm not telling you what to wear I'm already doing enough writing this guide you lazyfuck)

2. Kill Spiderman and his waifu who live south of Port Sp00ky.

3. Spider waifu has 8-.legs and 7 eyes, collect 7 noxious staves and the one lonely spiderleg from the shitty waifu.

4. Sell the shit for 2b.

5. You rich fag now.