Charisfu is a moth-loving nice benevolent guy who has given out bonds before to dumb idiots who don't deserve them. Hes a swell fella who is really into moths by the way (which arent the same as furfags) and likes to play videos games!  He believes in not shitting up the friends chat with dumb gay memes (like terrible people such as neophile and windalgo), and knows that things such as "dank memes", "well memed" and "tendies" are all gay cancer that should be removed immediately.  He is known to report furries on sight (since theyre going straight to hell) and has never been seen to enter the " Furry Menagerie" friends chat because that will just get you banned (since Jamflex LOVES to pander to furries, as can be seen by opening solojews store) and thats just plain silly. 

Vg 1

chell noticing charisfu (wow :))

Charisfu's accomplishments (there are many!)

-Loves moths

Ss (2015-02-25 at 05.49.08)

Charisfu ingame (no moth pictured)

-99 Hunter, aka severe incurable autism

-2 other 99s

-unironically no other 99s (:^))

-loves moths (they are my favorite) :)

-has never harmed a moth in his lifetime

-loves cute moth farts

-very friendly and cool

-master of quick chat (w00t!)

-Hates memes!


Moths - Charisfu and the moths are the best of friends!

cute moth girl!!!

Windalgo - a meme and a terrible person

Neophile - also a terrible person who charisfu would never associate with

Muh xp a real stand-up guy!

Almaaxemxia - fellow moth lover :) 

unknown moth lover imprisoned in furfag FC - please free this goy!

Lady Tinder - hi Lady Tinder :)