Bellicosity angry that she can't afford SGS overrides and uses poorwomans' event skins instead.

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Bellicosity is not a random made up name. It is latin origin for aggressive and warlike. This reflects accurately how Bellicosity the player is a raging sperglord that will argue about anything with anyone forever just for the fuck of it. Often takes Bartin's bait and fights meaningless battles for who is the bigger autist.

Belli is what we like to call an idiot. >She thinks >she knows anything about how runescape should be and what people should like in a game because >she "has more experience in the MMORPG genre" than you do. In reality >she's just forcing >her own ideals on a community that doesn't like any of those "other MMOs" and wants more of the delicious golden content that our based jewish saviors deliver to us on a weekly basis each month intermittently between all the crap monthlong events nobody asked for. Basically anything Belli says in regards to advice on how to play the game is a load of crap. Just keep earning XP and everything will be fine.

>She will often talk about >her love of traps and futanari and is a firm believer in the femenine dick. Any flirting or mention of dicks in the fc or cc will almost immediately evoke a response from >her discussing one of the 3. >She's known to enable Hopecutter's homosexual rampages. Occasionally write brief erotic fanfictions in chat as well. >has an even more feminine dick than audkyrie. >believes espeon is the hero grindanscape needs but doesn't deserve.

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5 Year

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